Ideas to add interest

21 Chestnut Road, A garden for all seasons.

The 'Water Carrier' statue, almost hidden by these lilies in late summer.



The front garden you will not deliberately find the colour orange. From early spring right through the seasons pink, blue, white and later red dominate. By restricting the palette in certain areas , it creates a much more harmonious feeling. Whilst the colours and shades compliment, the other factor is shape, and here the spikes of the lupins contrast with the orbs of the alliums. The foliage plays as important a part in this combination as do the flowers.

Above is a good example of how shape can give more interest to a border and by repeating the same colours as in other parts of the garden, this

can help to hold everything together.

Problem solved, how to get the lawn mower onto the lawn. The slate give a firm area and the house leeks helps to break it up.

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