Water in the garden

21 Chestnut Road, A garden for all seasons.


This is the part of the garden where we can relax , sitting on the deck watching the fish feeding, with our afternoon cup of tea.

Sadly due to a very persistant heron we have to cover most of the pond with a net.

To keep the pond topped up in summer, we have three water butts connected to the summerhouse roof.

There are actually 9 water butts around the garden , three bird baths and two other water features. So from the running water from the waterfall, to the gentle trickle of the small feature on the patio, and the gurgle of the mill wheel , there is always the sound of water in the garden.

Here not only do the fish enjoy themselves, but also newts and frogs. The local birds also use it to bathe and the resident hedgehogs come to drink at night. We have even seen a fox quench it's thirst here.


The fish welcome the shade of a water lily in summer.

This is nature's idea of a water feature!

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