Front garden

21 Chestnut Road, A garden for all seasons.

The front garden has undergone many changes since we started showing the garden. The most dramatic can be seen new for 2019, where for the first time our visitors will walk amongst scented roses, which are due to be planted in the autumn of 2017. As can be seen below the front lawn has now disappeared with five new arches added and a solid path.

By edging the lawn with old used bricks in the shape of a circle and introducing a square to hold the font, I have tried to add interest.

The front garden is a little more formal and new for 2015 we have created the Mediterranean garden with a reflective pool, which celebrates 10 years of opening the garden for charity. the white Wisteria dominates in spring followed by a pale pink rambling rose along the pathway to the front door.

In high summer there are lots of lillies which are highly scented.

Above, the slate  area allows access to the lawn for the mower.

This tree paeonia steels the show in April.

           Packed summer borders, full of colour.

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