Main garden

21 Chestnut Road, A garden for all seasons.


There has been a change to the main lawned area, in 2018 with the new addition of a stepping stone path and also the sundial has been repositioned to create a central feature. The summer drought of 2018 had a severe effect on the lawns and in an attempt to lessen the footfall through this area, and to try and protect the grass we are hoping a path will help. Despite winter floods in 2019/20 the lawn has done well and the path proved successful.


This area was mostly lawn with a big weeping willow tree in the corner. The first project was to remove the tree and in it's place put a raised deck  with summer house and a pond. So it all began in 2000, and over the years gradually more and more lawn has been replaced with borders and features.  As part of the NGS  gardens which open for charity, we try to  give our visitors something new to  see every year.  Whilst I have plenty of ideas there is less lawn! In 2019 the sundial has been relocated to the centre of the lawn.

Our visitors  first see the garden when they come throught this archway.  There are a number of small areas of gravel, where many of the perennials happily seed.

I particularly like this colour combination, the purple and red really shine out in the early evening light  of late summer.

In late spring in this part of the garden, irises and roses fill the air with their scent.

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