Planting ideas

21 Chestnut Road, A garden for all seasons.

Here are lots of examples of using the same plants but with contrasting colours.

Colour combinations are important to me and when deciding which plants to put together I like to  follow basic colour principals using either contrasting colours or opposites. Tonal differences can also make an impact when using the same colours together. Below you can see opposites with the yellow and purple, each shows off the other, and the pink and blue are tonally the same which is pleasing to the eye. Even foliage can be used to make the contrast as can be seen in the bottom right photograph where Pittisporum Tom Thumb's dark leaves set of the surrounding flowers.

Here orange and yellow share the same bed, using colours from a warm palette.

Purple and yellow co-exist here in harmony and give an example

of how opposites can work well together.

Here roses, geraniums and foxgloves all combine well using a cool colour palette together.

Part of the pleasure of creating these combinations is finding the right plant to pair with the right partners.

Who could resist pink and purple. Here lupins really enjoy each others company.

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